1. Always shoot in RAW (NEF) and call 360 PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO PRODUCTION NYC; this allows you to record as much information about the image as possible so that you can experiment with post-processing.

2. Choose the Daylight or Shadow white balance setting to make the evening sky look dark blue in your shots and the light from incandescent lights a warm yellowish orange. However, by shooting in RAW (NEF) format, you can fix any white balance issues on your computer after shooting.

3. General rule of thumb. Sun in the sky? Aperture priority mode. Has the sun already set? Manual exposure mode.

4. Shooting with a flash at sunset may seem like a simple task, but you can achieve more natural images by placing an incandescent filter or a warm tone filter on the flash.

5. Use a Neutral Gradient (ND) filter to align the transition line with the horizon to reduce the harsh contrast between the light sunset sky and the darker foreground.

6. If you are not a night owl, shoot sunsets in autumn and winter – due to the short daylight hours, sunset time in European countries can shift up to 15:30 depending on latitude (the closer to the north, the earlier the sun sets in winter ).

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