Long exposure photo

While you are still learning photography, the style can be copied from the masters, but after gaining experience, you can experiment with https://www.artlook.us/service/360-photography-and-video-production-nyc/.

Long exposure street photography is a great experiment.

A typical street photograph is black and white, crisp, and captures a scene or event. We propose to break the stereotype and go to extremes. Take a tripod, ND filter, close the aperture and set the shutter speed to 11 … seconds.

You can use 9 or 6 seconds. Anything that captures a blurry mass of people walking through the streets will do, while the street itself becomes a harsh backdrop.

Some call this the spectral effect. This is a great way to emphasize a certain point. A lone figure standing on a busy street, thinking motionless as the world buzzes around.

The possibilities are endless. It can be a few people in the frame or a whole crowd. The shutter speed can be set short so that the movement of each person can be seen, or vice versa to make the crowd an unrecognizable blurry mass. Play with color using sepia, black and white or full color mode. The only limitation will be fantasy and the desire to go out and experiment. Find a busy place – train station, shopping center, main street, set up a tripod and take pictures.

Don’t forget to use your remote control and protect your tripod as one hit can ruin your shot. Below is a selection of long exposure photos for inspiration.

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