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Different Types Of Backdrops Used In Photography

Studio photography uses various backdrops for different genres. Backdrops are screen-like materials placed behind the subject to help capture them in the best way possible. Backdrops nature may differ depending on the subject, colour or design, price range, size, and type of the material.

Photography backdrops are available in numerous types of materials like vinyl, velvet, fantasy cloth, seamless paper, muslin, canvas, velour and many more.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of photography backdrops and their uses


Canvas backdrops are used in low key shootings, professional studio portraits. The material is durable and easy to clean. Although they come at a higher cost, their texture creates a unique look and changes the way light interacts with the backdrop.

The disadvantages of canvas studio background are that one, it is very heavy and requires a backdrop support system that is expensive. Secondly, canvas backdrops need special attention and they must be rolled up and placed in a protective case when not in use.


A vinyl backdrop is made from a PVC material that is easier to clean, portable and flexible in between shoots. It is durable and strong and used in glare-free photography. It is easy to store a matte vinyl backdrop as you can just hang it horizontally on the storage rack.

One of the main drawbacks for a vinyl backdrop is that a glossy vinyl can reflect the camera flash.


Most photographers go for polyester backdrops because they don’t shrink or form wrinkles. They are easy to clean, durable and are resistant to most of the chemicals. The polyester fabric absorbs the camera flash instead of reflecting it.


Digital backdrops are gaining popularity because you can customize the display to match your interest. They are used in events such as corporate meetings and parties. They are portable and also have patterns in the display.


Muslin is yet another popular backdrop loved for its lightweight, quite affordable and highly versatile. It gives an appealing look from its folding characteristics. Muslin is also available in various patterns and sizes.


Just like many of the backdrops, it comes in many colors, sizes and weight depending on its use. It has an amazing quality that absorbs camera flashes around the studio. It helps the photographer create a pitch-black portrait background that doesn’t reflect from the lighting equipment or flash. It’s not too hard to clean and you can dust it off using some sticky tape.

Seamless paper

Seamless paper comes in rolls in different colors. The common one is white and its mostly used for still life or product photography as well as portrait background. It is flexible and comes at affordable prices.

Although it is durable, you must handle it with care especially during set up. It’s a paper and can get ripped with excessive force. It also easily gets wet, dirty and it’s not easily portable.

Floor drop

Floor backdrop is a photography backdrop designed to recreate the look of a particular location while shooting in a studio. They are designed as classic or brick tiles, rustic wood or city street. They can be used for product images, portraits, and three-quarter images. Floor drops are made from strong rubber with a polyester finish. You can walk on them and roll them up for storage.

With these highlights, the importance of having the ideal backdrop can make all the difference during a photo-shoot. 69 drops studios have backdrops ideal for a wide range of services such as product photography, food photography, eCommerce photography and still life photography. Call them today for an early booking and they will match your expectations.

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