10 Anti-Tips for Photobloggers

How often it gets boring to read and you want to see something pleasing to the eye and begin to perceive 360 photography through the eyes, and not through the ears – after all, pictorial means are much more figurative than verbal ones, they are simply visible, while the text still needs ponder. There is, of course, also the desire for beauty, as such. One of the modern representations of photography is a photoblog, a stream of pictorial thoughts of a photographer with a reflection on the Internet, where everyone can see photos of a person. However, not all photoblogs are equally helpful, and we’ve been following many of them long enough to start giving authoritative advice. Although, in principle, you do not need to listen to them …

Do not filter your exhaust, post all the photos in a row into the stream: good, bad, ten takes of one insect shot in macro mode or one girl from one photo shoot from different angles and with different processing. The main thing is that the computer does this conveniently for you, uploading photos to the Internet in blocks of 10-50 frames at once. Modern technology is much more fantastic than ordinary photography, which is already 200 years old.
As soon as you open a photo blog, immediately add it to blog ratings, all kinds of catalogs, post photos in the main photo collections, spam in comments with the nickname “wedding super photographer”. On the Internet, the main thing is popularity, therefore, if you get banned for spam, be sure to defend your opinion and run into resource moderators with gossip on others – you live in a free country.
On the contrary, if you are a fairly successful photographer, do not stoop to creating a photoblog, and if you do, do not add it anywhere at all, do not promote it in any way, let it be just a corner for your friends. Let resources like Rosbest, VFXY, Coolphotoblogs, etc. do without you.
Do not separate your photoblog from your portfolio, let the commercial beginning be combined with the non-commercial one, it is more interesting and creates intrigue. Post wedding sets, corporate parties, and in general, show how cool you are to your viewers.
Don’t post your photoblog regularly. So what if you shoot a lot and often – your readers will definitely appreciate if after six months of your absence from the network you post about 60 masterpieces in different records.
Don’t give the opportunity to comment at all – why tolerate spammers on the site? In the end, remember your uniqueness, which critics can only spoil.
Make a personal monument to yourself out of your photoblog – a little more, and the world will appreciate you too. Do not take into account not only spiteful critics, but also justified criticism – what do these idiots even understand in photography?
Remember that Photoshop is shit, created for beginner photographers who don’t even know how to shoot, which is why they mask their lack of technical skills by manipulating a digital image. Proudly sign photos “without photoshop” – so your descendants will appreciate you faster, adding your name to the annals of something.
Do not be afraid to overdo it with processing – it’s simply physically impossible, because the image already initially consists of pixels, for which you can only change the brightness or recolor. It’s okay if in just half a day you redraw the entire image by 90 percent.
If you post online only once a year, only on the occasion of a good shot, if 360 days a year inspiration doesn’t think to visit you, and successful cases are killed by the lack of a camera, don’t even think about doubting your abilities – you absolutely correctly chose your hobby .

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