What Camera Should I buy?

Digital Cameras

With the plethora of digital cameras available on the market today, it can be quite a challenge to choose a camera that best fits your needs. Understandably, the question I get asked most often is, “what digital camera should I buy?” Read more »

Learn Panning in 5 Steps

Motorcycle Pan by Greg Knapp

Imagine this scenario: you are trying to take a photograph of a motorcycle as it is speeding by you at 60 mph. What would you do to get a nice, sharp photo? You may say you need to use a fast shutter speed to effectively freeze the bike’s motion. Read more »

15 Examples of Dreamy Bokeh

Red Tulips

Bokeh is a term used to describe the aesthetic quality of the blur in a photograph.  Photos taken with large apertures have shallow depth of field, which creates blur around the aresa of the scene that are out of focus.  Bokeh is a desired look that many photographers strive to achieve in their images. Read more »

How to Be a Great Photographer in 7 Steps

Cambodian Sunset

We are inspired by the Greats.  From Shakespeare to Leonardo, the Greats instill a sense of awe and wonderment in us, that in turns inspires us to achieve our own greatness.  The world of photography, short as its history may be, has its own greats Read more »

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