Advices for a creative wedding photoshoot

Are you a wedding photographer? Do you still do the same concept over and over again? Well, we know when we find a strategy that works perfectly, we tend to use it every time we’re asked for a photoshoot, but later on, your work will not impact new clients. You need to innovate in the concepts you work with. You don’t need to be trendy, you need to be purposing.

The best way to assure new clients: make an impact with your  portfolio. And to make that possible, you must create interesting concepts with your clients, work with the emotions, illusions, dreams and inner world of the couple. Here we have three advices for your work.

Know your clients better

Don’t be shy. Sit down with your clients and start with your questions. Don’t be a Sherlock, just be cool and ask them to tell you more about their life’s “greatest hits”, like the best moments of their childhood, adolescence, their first date with each other and other stuff that can be your material to create your vision.

After your research, try to incorporate some of those elements. That would be a hit for them because you’re working in a deeper way.

Gain their trust

And the best way to gain the trust is making eye contact with them when you’re talking or working on the photoshoot. Talk to them directly, be honest with everything you’re doing, don’t be a freak controller, and let them participate with ideas.

Work with their eyes, let them be an accomplice with each other, work with their complicity and be the guide through their dreams.

Photoshop can make dreams come true

If you’re a purist, then you’re not gonna like this advice. Sure, a natural photoshoot is awesome, but sometimes there’s visual concepts that you can’t create just with lights and props. Use green screens, create an awesome lighting scheme and add some magic with your favorite editing program like Photoshop.

One last advice: work with your clients. Don’t put your ego first. When you give your clients the importance they deserve, you win something more important than money: reputation and material to improve your portfolio constantly.


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